Rolle event from the public to see through the marketing of the three routines wantonly selling feel

recently, Rolle for her daughter to raise the issue of raising a brush brush everyone’s circle of friends, and with the passage of time, the event continues to ferment and has made new progress. By the end of December 1, 2016, WeChat officially to the Tencent event: an agreement is reached by the Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Mr. Rolle, Mr. Liu Xiafeng, a Tencent, the return of 2 million 626 thousand and 900 yuan praise. This is a temporary end. In addition to Rolle this event, there are other routines to raise public events, such as medical chips, raise public finance, the movie all the chips and so on, in the repeated and reversed, can make people sigh. However, more surprising is the relevant national laws and regulations increasingly stringent, behind these "hot" event marketing "Mask" is more realistic and convincing".



exquisite selling moral enthusiasm

Rolle incident and the rapid spread of strong call force, can be described as a typical case of Internet marketing in recent years.

in recent years, with the Internet plus step by step, as if all of the industry and the behavior can be linked to the Internet and that is produced with the "influence", such as Internet charity. This is probably why many people ask, after so many "tax fraud" incident, in the face of the Rolle incident when there are still people who have "fooled" reasons.

because, when the Internet amplifies everything, plus the P2P platform "delicate" marketing plan, let a smile, "similar" events once again inspire people’s moral enthusiasm: by observing P2P operating company of Shenzhen city small bronze Nationwide Financial Services Inc (hereinafter referred to as the "small copper" series of articles for the integration of Rolle smile) write, and in a small bronze public number P2P observation push, reader forwarding every time, a small bronze to smile a piece of money, and the open admiration, appreciation of gold to all smile. This is why Rolle said that his article after the company and promote the processing of small bronze, just a network event today. That is, through the "refined" planning, moral enthusiasm trafficking of netizens, Rolle and small bronze red all over the internet.

As for the

marketing is to drive the navy to participate in public opinion can make nothing of it. However, WeChat P2P to observe the public number by committing a forwarding article to donate one yuan, will be able to give love, Luo smile to make modest, to minimize the cost of the public, after all, picked a turn can save untold miseries, reminiscent of the "do not turn not Chinese" all these routines.

in this regard, small bronze founder Liu Xiafeng said: "there is no thought of marketing, if this thing is marketing, I will at least at the beginning of the article explain who Liu Xiafeng is, or at the end of the paper we add a two-dimensional code. But the "Luo smile, you give me stop" at the beginning of clean without any tail, the only one tail is Rolle’s public number. At the same time, the push of the only place a small bronze three words."

addition, Liu Xiafeng also said: "if"

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