How to use blog short term traffic

last blog sharing to promote the program, the content is relatively monotonous and mechanical, no language organization. Not many people interested in, in fact, every method to achieve the ultimate will bring you unexpected consequences. A lot of people can only rely on links can improve the site keywords ranking to introduce considerable traffic. Blog promotion is also true, as long as you are willing to practice, spend a few minutes every day to build a blog, you can completely in the Baidu index in 2000 or so words in more than a month to the first page of Baidu.

optimization, website promotion in Baidu search may be stereotyped, whenever you have all been rotten, anxious jumped up and said you can’t have some fresh? Things are always hard to be shared and mining. Do not deny that everyone is a little selfish, of course, rule out when you see the words are indignant at the children. At this time, why not try to be a bad thing, was said to be rotten because of his value.

now I’m talking about a bad thing to be said – the introduction of a large amount of traffic in the short term through the blog. This is not a blog promotion skills and strategy, and this method can also be used to inhibit peer. There are always some websites around us. There are a considerable number of users and traffic, and in order to pursue the brand effect they would like to be a different site name such as local treasure, people’s network".

Therefore, the introduction of the first

concept: a new website name, has its own independent keywords, some of the site’s domain name is difficult to remember, such as happy 001, Kijiji ghost TM can not remember. Users are guided by Baidu GG search to enter their website.

introduced second concepts: the domain name is difficult to memory, search volume big search these sites, most sites found that only their own, others are affiliated or news pages, garbage outside, etc..

therefore introduce third concepts: competition is very small

According to the above

nonsense, we can just register a blog to send some relevant content in the blog business, such as the establishment of a Baowang blog in Sina, name written "2264 model essay net -2264 education network -2264 model essay net welcome you". And then send some of the introduction of 2264 models and other related content. On the third day you will find that the search for the 2264 model of the network on the first page of Baidu will have your blog – and then the back is nonsense.

actually has a lot of SEO in this operation, such as "decorate nets" have many SEO who adorn the blog or similar sites, also have a large number of happy net. This index is a particularly big website because we have caused a little difficult bird. But you can go to some other sites and even your peers.

, however, is recommended to set up their own blog or similar sites, although the cost of the cycle is relatively long, so it is better to operate and be deceptive. >