Do marketing you should not face data but people!


many marketers are still in the era of backward broadcasting. They also tend to think that a number of summary, do the statistics, you can "close" to understand the consumer.

, however, now the user, the consumer has become a very important media information contributors. Sharing and communicating articles, videos and other content has become a part of many people’s daily lives. A lot of companies called "close" is really not close enough, not as useful as before.

but many enterprises in the "new wine in old bottles", still use the old model, in the usual way to deal with the new phenomenon. In the new media environment, many companies are still following the old dogma, turning a blind eye to the new changes:

1 transforms everything about people into data

many companies manage their online marketing, their traditional mode based on still look too heavy users of "sticky", still according to the traffic, traffic, page retention time, the amount of praise and other indicators to judge the success of marketing. The behavior of many customers into easy to collect, compare a large amount of data.

at the same time, companies are also timely monitoring related companies in the external media information on the platform, they will also be the information into the data, we refer to this as "listen" (hearing), mainly because they care about what others say.

a lot of companies invested a lot of energy in this area, to ensure that almost all of the information collected with their own, as the user’s voice, as users of the enterprise, the brand’s feelings.

but many companies have ignored the importance of listening (listening), ignoring the user specific content. Now the concept of big data speculation, enterprise will bother to make effort to understand, to understand all the contents of the customer in the communication of meaning and expression.

2 is too far away from the customer

now we talk about the content of the way to make the contents of the protagonist, and the user has become a passive content communicator. Virus spread also implies that such a natural phenomenon: the user does not have autonomy, can only spread specific content. Meme (refers to something in the transfer process such as language, ideas, beliefs, and behavior of genes in the process of biological evolution and the role of similar) this gene copy of the term describes how the spread of things. This result is not concerned about the impact of the crowd, but only to track the results of the outbreak.

although many marketing people to recognize the user’s social contact is perplexing, not some data can be accurately represented, but they are always looking for trouble, ignore the user in the exchange of meaningful participation. One of the most popular concepts in marketing today is "the influencer"