Seo, Sem and network marketing

today, I want to talk about the relationship between SEO, SEM and network marketing. Of course, our caishuxueqian, know the real co.. If there is wrong and inappropriate, we also look generous with your criticism.

The importance of

network marketing to SEO and SEM

      a few days ago to see a client is a pet hospital, and the other when talking about SEO (search engine optimization), for our service is very satisfied, also agree that in Baidu, Google, Yahoo and other search engine marketing mode. At the same time, the pet hospital hardware and software can be. Arguably the intent should be no problem, but there is a condition restricting the cooperation between us.

      which condition? This is a pet hospital is to treat the dog, but the situation is: is the crackdown! What does strike? Strike a dog. That is, a lot of people in the pet dog is not caught or beaten, so that the number of pet dogs at home decreased sharply. Coupled with the location of the pet hospital is not very good, the results can be imagined.

from this example, it is not hard to see the fact that:

      no matter how high your SEO technology is, how well SEM is planning. But if you do not understand the market, do not understand the enterprises are facing difficulties, do not know how to grasp the resources for strong conditions, you can only be useless.

      as in the above example, you can put up the website optimization, but if not solve the source of actual customer, can not solve the cost and to calculate profit returns, even if the first row in the first page of what is the use?

      I sometimes think, foreign websites generally than domestic website PR value is not high, because they have SEO, SEM and network marketing combine together to do? When you respect the user experience, the search engine is not for you to pay attention to?

      in marketing, the basic concept of marketing is the basic needs of the people. The psychologist Maslow will be divided into seven levels, according to its importance, the order of these seven levels are:

      1, physiological requirement.

      2, safety requirements.

      3, social needs.

      4, education demand.