Give advice failed entrepreneurs as early as possible, be careful when choosing a partner……

Abstract: be ambitious about your success, have faith in your dreams, be prepared for what you want to do and do it. Because only when you know where you’re going, you can better the way. At the same time, you have to be tough enough to be frustrated in the process of Create Company.

when you first start, you want to get what kind of business advice? LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Instagram, Airbnb, Kickstarter, Tinder, BlaBlaCar and other famous company CEO in an BBC program "CEO Secrets" interview, from his own years of experience and lessons of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship preparation are entrepreneurs who offer a sincere advice, hope entrepreneurs can learn from experience in practice.

Tip 1, you meet people who will bring you unexpected opportunities

in the early years to establish their own network, which is accompanied by the wealth of your life. You can’t understand the importance of contacts in school. The people you meet at school or at work may bring unexpected opportunities for your career. If I had known it when I was young, I would have been more likely to start my own business earlier. – Reid Hoffman, founder of Linkedin, Greylock Partners partner, Facebook, Airbnb investors, PayPal co-founder

Tip 2, the failure to early

I learned the best advice from a proverb, failure should be as early as possible. The first version of Wikipedia called Nupedia, I am anxious for two years, although in the first year I knew this system is too complex, and structured products from top to bottom, but I don’t want to fail at that time, it has been dragged wouldn’t let go of it. Also, don’t put your career, your life, your money all on one thing, because doing so will make it impossible for you to restart yourself and take on new challenges. – Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales

Tip 3, make sure you are working on the "real problem"

the people around you largely determine whether you will succeed or not. You will experience the prosperity and adversity, can really rely on only your partner. Working with you in the toughest times will help you build confidence.

make sure that you are working on a real problem, rather than trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. Out of the company, put down the phone, dialogue with real users, to see what they are experiencing in real life.

adjust your rhythm. In the early days of business, it’s easy to let ourselves down. To work with excessive fan >