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as a marketing person, you will think that ads such as enough? Today we take a look at the life of some careful marketing machine, maybe just a little change, but will let you receive different results! So, rational use of human intuition, sensory, or psychological, but also our the content you want to learn


a. Fragrance

when it comes to fragrance, I am afraid that all of you are thinking of perfume, and so on, but you know, it can also be combined with marketing, and will bring you different results!

this is a new marketing method, visual and auditory is different from traditional, it will dig out the human sense of smell, the smell or make people feel happy, cheerful or exciting, attractive, and form special recognition memory.

American scholar Mitchell put forward the use of the marketing staff of the main focus on the following two aspects: first, the product attributes, product selection and trial combined with the smell of marketing. Secondly, the combination of Fragrance Marketing and sales environment.

, for example, a lot of girls in the choice of lipstick, will choose with a little fragrance, either strawberry, orange or other taste, is always better than a colorless and tasteless to sell. So, whether it is food, 4S shop, cosmetics shop, a little faint aroma, can let a person like rose. However, it should be noted that some brands do not use the aroma is better, like Starbucks, the taste and smell of coffee requires harsh. Starbucks employees are not allowed to use perfume during work. Hung in the air is only pure coffee aroma, this fragrance is far better than other to bring consumers memory, become Starbucks unique brand culture.

merchants use aroma to attract customers, to seize the customer’s psychological feeling, so that they produce satisfaction in the consumer, the psychological mood of pleasure, so as to achieve the purpose of improving customer loyalty. But note that the fragrance to elegant, too rich aroma could be counterproductive, annoying and even dizziness phenomenon.

two. Red

said here is not to allow you to give consumers a red envelopes, but clever use of red envelopes to allow your customers to forward information, or to buy more products.

first, you can take the form of vouchers. If the customer to buy a product, send a few yuan vouchers can be used directly next time. Of course, if your financial strength is not high, you can use the full XX Yuan can be used in the form of X Yuan gold coupons. If the purchase over 200 yuan to 10 yuan vouchers, purchase over 500 yuan to 300 yuan vouchers etc..


can be forwarded or set praise. Such as forwarding X people get 2 yuan a red envelope, or sent to a friend set up like X get a total of $5 red envelopes.

netizen quipped: "this is not what a red envelope can not solve.

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