How to seize the shuangshier marketing opportunities

another year "shuangshier" to promote, in the electricity supplier industry, twelve has become the eyes of consumers shopping festival, transaction data from the previous view, the marketing effect is indeed astonishing, for marketers, whether the think about how to seize the "shuangshier" marketing opportunities?


in such a huge benefits to attract, which the enterprise is willing to lose this fat? Near the end of the year, "shuangshier" is also a good time for businesses to sprint performance, can grasp the marketing opportunities of the enterprise, will become the winner, the odd billion small and large home network share by using the method of marketing opportunities.

first, win by copywriting. Usually to do as advertising marketing are sometimes cause consumer resentment, but do a good marketing in the marketing section is very important, consumers are aware that "shuangshier" is the original marketing means of UPS, so there is no need to consider whether the user will resent an advertisement, now need to think about how. In order to attract the attention of consumers. Normally, a good copy is to highlight the selling point of products as the focus, whether in the form of text or pictures can most directly tell consumers to buy your product is what role will shopping attract consumers as bait for marketing purposes.

second, an occasion to puerile. "Shuangshier" brings the power of shopping in the Internet era, inevitably a trend which cannot be halted, the festival is the network marketing of the world, since no need to guess and influence the business judgment, then just do the sale of their products is enough. Many consumers purchase behavior can be used to "ride" to describe, so while there is a huge traffic, don’t ignore the marketing and quantify the advantages of good price adjustment, rather than trying to launch products more widely, also do not have a single product interests too seriously, otherwise you will lose a lot buyers, merchants may wish to try the puerile


third, ahead of the marketing plan. From the previous section of these special marketing, consumer experience, such as network congestion express time and so on has gradually improved, so more and more are more willing to buy goods at these festivals, they also tasted the sweetness of the festival marketing, even subconscious will think only when the time to buy the product bargain. Businesses should grasp these consumer psychology, ahead of time will do their own marketing plan, for example, will be selling the product supply is adequate, logistics providers do cooperation agreement, the customer service staff ready and so on, so as to avoid the phenomenon of poor user experience. At the same time, "shuangshier" offers diversified marketing is also part of the plan, cash envelopes, discount vouchers, etc., are the main means to stimulate consumer desire for shopping, in order to further stimulate consumption.

concluded: "shuangshier" behind the marketing of positive energy is unlimited, businesses have to learn how to grasp the marketing opportunities, you don’t have to fight over, people will go for the opportunity, is transient.

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