The significance of sharing WeChat public number

share, for all of us, we may think that we are good content and we exchange, and then spread out our content, so that more people see. For WeChat, our analysis is similar to this understanding, we need is our fans to share our content, so that more people see.

so what’s the point of sharing for us,


first, before more significance to share, I need to tell you is that, if we want to get everyone to share it, so our content must be better, otherwise it is impossible to achieve the effect of sharing. Content is king, only when your content is good, then spread out the probability of fans will be even greater. These can be explosive, of course, popular events, which are conducive to the dissemination of. Pictured:


first: expand exposure

expanded to the amount of exposure, this is for us to do the product or their own business account is very favorable. If we are to do their own brand, it is not possible to rely on their own public number inside these fans to promote our brand, if we say that our fans have one hundred thousand words, so if we do not have to share it, so we are always the only one hundred thousand people to see the. What’s more, we can now do a good number of fans have a number of one hundred thousand?

we rely on our fans to share, when the fans to share their circle of friends, then we will naturally increase the amount of exposure, we count how much we can increase the amount of exposure. We take our fans every fan of WeChat has 50 friends, then every day around the circle of friends in 50%, that is to say everyone can bring us a new reading of 25 people, the number of fans if you reached ten thousand, then the amount of share is generally more than and 100, if the number was in the tens of thousands, so even more, we take an article to count, there are three hundred forwarding, you send the contents of the 8 day, it is 2400 times of forwarding. Some of them are repeated forwarding, we count less, take 50% repeat forwarding to calculate, that is, our fans may not only forwarded you a content. So 2400*50%=12001200*25=3000 so that you rely on fans to share, then your brand exposure will increase by 3000, this is only a conservative estimate.

second: increase fan

increase the number of fans, when our number bigger, our fans are basically relying on our content forwarded. Through our fans we forwarded out, which led to his friends to pay attention to our number, we said above, one day we can increase the content of exposure, 2400*50%=12001200*25=3000, assuming that 20% of them will choose to pay attention to our.

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