Read these 5 trends entrepreneurs can catch up with the next wave of mobile nternet

there is no doubt that the mobile Internet has been in a change in the node. From 2012 to date, just four years of rapid growth in the mobile internet. Relying on the popularity of smart phones, people began to use the phone to enjoy a variety of services, mobile Internet start-ups also erupted.

in the state holding public entrepreneurship, innovation "under the banner of mobile Internet spawned an inspirational story, the U.S. group comments, drops of travel, WeChat and so on, entrepreneurs drink chicken soup to carve up the mobile Internet fling caution to the winds of every inch of land, Yu Shifeng smoke four, annexed continuously.



mobile Internet has been in change point, but later or have incoming people have no chance? In fact, giant and inspirational story of their success does not mean that mobile Internet entrepreneurs do not welcome. Of course, success is often the flow, so is crucial to observe and interpret the trend.

mobile Internet demographic dividend end

according to the latest report released by IDC shows that in 2016 the smart phone market will reach 1 billion 500 million, but its growth rate can only reach up to 3%. Compared to the same period in 2015 of 10.5%, the growth rate decreased significantly. Smart phones as the carrier and the entrance of the mobile Internet, sales decline shows that the mobile Internet demographic dividend is disappearing.

also shows that the penetration of the mobile Internet is close to saturation, user acquisition costs surge. This means that entrepreneurs need to find a new growth point in the size of the loss of demographic dividend.

mobile users tend to younger

related data show that the overall share of mobile Internet users after 90 and 00 has more than 1/3, and the proportion is still rising, this change is also reflected in the mobile Internet content preferences.

Tencent’s application treasure will publish a monthly star App list, the list of the ten most popular users App. In the latest September list, by the young users favorite Qingyun ambition, beauty camera impressively, this also from the side that mobile Internet users are closer to young people.


‘s younger trend means that entrepreneurs need to find new support to cater to the young market. You know, even if it is a Tencent, also began in the 17 year old QQ on the knife, and the purpose is to cater to young users more. Relatively speaking, some entrepreneurs have tried to do in the young people, the field is social, two dimensional video or audio.

mobile O2O turn cold entrepreneurs cautious into pit

according to a survey earlier this year, mobile applications into the life of the scene when the use of services, in 2015 there are nearly half of the applications for life related services. However, with the O2O market this year

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