The latest QQ mail sending 10000 messages

There are many ways to

network marketing, but many friends are not able to find a practical way to worry about. Today, Shao Lianhu to share with you the latest QQ mail mass method, the day 10000 e-mail is not a dream. Well, not long winded, direct access to the theme:

the first step, with the QQ number plus some precise QQ group, and then casually find a QQ group, click the right button to visit the QQ group space, as follows:


second step, click on the upper left corner of my group, and then all of their QQ group, just choose one, as follows:


third step, click on the upper right corner of the group members, as follows:


fourth step, then all the members of the group are displayed, and then all the members of the group are copied, if the number is too small to copy points, as follows:


fifth step, Baidu search online tools to find the regular expression test, the copy of the group members QQ number paste in the following box, as follows:


Sixth step

, Tencent QQ, choosing the right, as shown below:


seventh step, the matching QQ numbers are copied down, as follows:


Eighth step

, open the QQ mailbox, and then click to write the copy number in the recipient in the QQ group members to paste, paste it must use the keyboard shortcuts on ctrl+v, then write the message header, content, transmission line, as shown below:


I just tested once, about one hundred messages can be sent about a QQ a day to send a specific number of mail I have not tested. General email verification code will appear, I do not know will not be unlimited, if you encounter this situation will apply some QQ on the line, it is said that high levels of QQ can send mail content more, well, it is not easy to be into the dustbin.

in fact, this method I used to know, and Group Wei Wei blog before I also contributed to this article, "e-mail marketing: easy access to millions of QQ e-mail method". After reading the title I thought nothing to use, and then look at this article again today, really talk about the mass function, but I did not see.

the way to get the QQ mailbox is actually what I used to know, and I personally did

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