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Google uses a new generation of advanced technology, according to the link structure of the Internet itself to the relevant web site with automatic method of classification, for each of your query quickly provide accurate results. Google with its unique page level (PageRankTM, patent application) technology, breaking the traditional concept of network classification, bringing the revolution of network search. Google search speed, and high accuracy.

Google can store a snapshot of a web page, and you can still browse the contents of the web page when the web server is temporarily interrupted. If the server is not found, then Google can also be "temporary emergency. It is much faster to search for information from a cached web page than a regular link, although the information may not be up to date. And in many cases can be protected from "404 Not Found Error" (can not find the error message of the page).

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Google often online roaming, search for new information. Google also allows you to provide new site information. But Google will analyze the website content, for varying lengths of time, to decide whether to use the website information. First enter the web site, including the prefix http://s., if your web page provides a variety of Chinese character code user interface, please select the one you think should be the most.

note: when you log on to the web site, you only need to submit the top page. The other pages are searched by Googlebot. Google automatically retrieves and updates all web sites on a regular basis; deletes it for invalid pages.

as organization management tools, use of the Internet "level characteristic of democracy and its unique link structure huge. In essence, when the page from the A link to the web page B, Google on the web page A voted B vote". Google according to the number of votes to evaluate the importance of the page. However, in addition to considering the number of votes on the page (that is, the number of links), but also to analyze the Google vote for its Web page. " important " the vote on the web page of the natural weight is heavy, help to enhance the " of other web pages; importance ".

important, high-quality web pages can get a higher level, so as to get a higher ranking in the search results. In this way, the importance of Google comprehensive indicators for the page level, rather than according to a specific query. Of course, this represents the characteristics of the page itself, is based on the Google network data, the use of comprehensive evaluation of the link structure of the results of the analysis.

of course, if the query items do not match, then the importance of the page is meaningless. Therefore, the Google uses a perfect text matching technology to find important and accurate pages for you. For example, when analyzing a web page, Google will also refer to the links to this page.

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