Kun Peng Theory how to create your own brand in the era of personalized brand temperature

in fact, the goal is to do marketing brand, because the brand is the core competitiveness of enterprises, enterprises to sustainable development, we must do the brand. But as the ancients cloud: "easier said than done," brand "is easy to say, hard to do, especially not what strength and background of small enterprises, new enterprises, is even more difficult.

is there any relatively easy technique or shortcut? The answer is yes! Today, Kun Peng to talk about the issue of self brand.


, a brand to enter the personalized era, have the passions to have temperature


in the era of the global unified market, the other side of the earth, or out of a province, no one knows who you are, so you can not personally endorse the brand. Therefore, corporate brand and brand culture is very important, such as: NOKIA, Procter & Gamble, these companies do a very good brand management, such as P & G has dozens of sub brands, so it’s best to do brand management. But to Jobs and iPhone era, apple is no longer our hands, mouth to eat the apple, the apple in the eyes of the fans is a man named Jobs with a iPhone4, and there is a bite of Logo.

two years ago, everyone said Chu orange delicious, sweet and sour history and thick, most food is the story of a more than and 70 year old man himself baowaijiuyi planted thousands of acres of orange story.


two, each boss should become the company’s brand

Prior to

, the enterprise is often the pursuit of the brand’s own brand or product brand, which is really difficult. But if you change the idea or by the current popular way of thinking, the first to create a business people brand, but relatively easy. Because "people" true to life, "people" feelings and soul, "people" are more likely to allow the public to accept. Unlike products, cold, not easy to narrow the distance between the user and the emotional resonance. So we can curve for the country, the first to establish the enterprise "people" brand, when people have a brand, and then to drive the enterprise or product brand.

said here, people can be the boss, you can also be executives or employees in the enterprise, but the boss the best results. In fact, every business owner, should become the spokesperson and brand, because the boss is the soul of an enterprise, the understanding of the business, the most representative enterprise, the boss should become the largest enterprise advocate.

this kind of enterprise in the "people" brand, and then to drive the enterprise brand strategy, we call him from the brand strategy. This strategy is very easy to use, easy to copy, but the cost is still relatively low, in line with the current trend of the times, that is, the brand should be human, personality, temperature.


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