Three elements of successful marketing of soft Wen

is a kind of soft, can make it easier for users to accept the method of promotion information, a successful soft Wen brings to the reader should not only promote content, more important is the value of information for the user to solve the problem, the best can impress users. So when writing your article should pay attention to how to provide the information for readers, the information for the reader has no value, finally to make promotion information naturally into the contents of the text, at the same time, such operations do not affect the quality of the article, because once the reader looks like advertising, readers will lose interest, cause marketing failure. Here to talk about how to write a successful marketing soft Wen!

A: soft Wen must have useful information to the user

it is necessary to carry out the promotion of soft paper, soft paper is for someone who needs to see, so let the value of information useful to the user in the soft, as the saying goes: people want to do to you, depending on how you treat others. This win-win principle tells us, a successful marketing of soft paper first task is to enable users to find her needed information in the article, in order to attract their forwarding and share your articles, to benefit more people. If a user is of no effect the dog out and out advertising articles, what do you want users to see it, they want to help you reprint? Users and advertising is not a fool, too strong to see, so marketing is more important in this paper can bring the kind of user information, allowing users to generate reprint shared psychological desire to buy even more desirable than.

two: the article uses the easy to understand language

soft Wen marketing is the biggest benefit of the advertising into the article, which allows users to read the article at the same time to see your promotional information. Although the use of marketing requires us to have certain writing ability, but also the biggest taboo is the excessive use of written text readers to understand the dialect and terminology, so we should use simple words to express what users need information. But we can properly use parallelism, metaphor, personification and other basic techniques to make it look more vivid, more readable. A successful article easy to understand writing plus practical content, make the user’s psychological, make marketing easier.

three: attraction is a recipe for successful marketing of soft

article on whether the reader has enough appeal determines the success or not of the soft, is the key factor to achieve the purpose of marketing soft text. Many webmaster write soft Wen released and can not achieve the desired effect, often because the article and can not cause the reader to further understand the interest, this soft Wen can be said to be the failure of the article. Identify potential users and make the chain is the fundamental purpose of most of the soft, one can attract readers to further understand, and then bring up their share or desire to buy articles is the successful soft Wen, or even understand the users are not interested in, not to mention the marketing.


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