2008 the latest website promotion method

now there are many kinds of methods of website promotion, promotion either online or offline, only one purpose, is to own website launched to allow more target groups to see, so as to achieve the purpose of profit.

now on the website promotion I introduce several commonly used methods:

The promotion of

1 search engines: here is divided into 2 kinds, one for PPC promotion, the more money, but you can cover a large area, the only drawback is that you have money into it, of course you have exceptions; the other is a SEO, search engine optimization, the advantage is that as long as you have this technology, you can put the keywords you want to row to the top, at the same time, the cost ratio of PPC costs much less, can also in Baidu, Google, Yahoo and other search engines to get good rankings, the disadvantage is that if the word of Baidu’s bid, only to the back row, after all, this is the search engine on the industry.

2 portal advertising: do some advertising links, in some high traffic website image ads, if you can think of good advertising words, or you have money in some big portals on the money, the effect is not so than the promotion of search engine is poor, spent a lot of money that seems to do a picture advertisement on the front page of sina.

to tens of thousands a day

3 website alliance promotion: such as Google ad, Ali Mama, this advertising cost is low, but a bad place is now cross point many of the league, the League click effect is very poor now, some owners to make money, how not to think of how to make their stand bigger, but the establishment of cross point the group, to earn the cost of AD through the Internet, haze is not love these people. Secondly, you will also do the optimization of the alliance to achieve cost minimization, profit maximization, to avoid some of the site’s alliance.

4 E-mail Promotion: the premise is that you have to have your target group of e-mail, so you can use e-mail group, to achieve the purpose of promotion.

Abstract: the promotion of

5 is to write some good articles, they will be released in some large websites, if you write really good, you add a website link, some Adsense reproduced in time, do not remove your links, will also have certain promotion effect. Of course, if your article is top recommended in large network or blog, then you one day to your site on the IP will be very substantial drop, which depends on your writing skills.

write so much, a few days in the other some methods to write it out, the company to power, and here it is.

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