Double large advertising dissemination of pornographic materials case cracked

pornographic sites to join the advertising alliance advertising

legal network reporter Yuan Dingbo

open the page, sexual medicine, sexual device advertising immediately pop, the site is filled with a large number of pornographic pictures, videos…… In February this year, Jiangsu City Public Security Bureau of Guangling branch found in his work, Li Xing, who lives in Yangzhou in the production of their own website to spread pornographic materials on the.

according to Li Xing account, he through cooperation with double advertising, advertising for advertising on the site. The police Shuntengmogua found that double advertising alliance joined the site of more than 4, of which a considerable number of sites suspected of piracy, pornography, gambling and the sale of counterfeit drugs.

in July 6th this year, the double advertising alliance leader Wang Weiqiang was arrested. So far, the Ministry of public security supervision involving more than and 20 provinces and double advertising dissemination of pornographic materials case successfully solved. Guangling police lasted more than 4 months, in more than and 20 provinces, has arrested 65 suspects, destroyed more than 400 illegal pornographic websites.

how much of this kind of pornographic websites are built? Legal Daily reporter interviewed in Jiangsu, Yangzhou.

porn sites from the advertising union charges

is very sorry to do this site, it is not worth." In the detention center in Yangzhou, the suspect Li Xing told the Legal Daily reporters.

was born in 1984, he studied computer science at University, usually like to chat on the internet. Double advertising alliance high price, credit. I gave them a web site, customer service to see the content can be felt, I spent a night on the site completed. The server is rented from the Internet, the domain name is on the application of foreign websites, the site is set up their own." Li Xing said.

Guangling Public Security Bureau deputy director Mei Dengchang said, the suspect Li Xing’s review found that in October 2011, Li Xing joined the double advertising alliance, Adult supplies, medical and health care products, pharmaceuticals and other vulgar advertising advertising alliance in the double self pornographic website provided on the acquisition of advertising through the number of Internet users click on illegal access.

and traditional pornographic websites through the way of membership fees are different, the case of criminals on the site advertising alliance advertising, advertising and advertising fees from the union. "This new type of crime is more subtle and more profitable." Mei Dengchang said.

more than 3 thousand AD are three products

with the in-depth investigation of the case, the Guangling police found that the double advertising alliance with the station up to more than 2 people, the cooperation of the site reached more than 4. The police one by one sort of more than 4 sites, found that there are more than 400 pornographic websites, there are many contraband sales, gambling, sales of counterfeit and other illegal websites.

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