Small and medium enterprises in line with the promotion of Web site construction

for many small and medium enterprises, they put into the construction of the most hope to play a role in the role of network marketing. Through this site to allow potential customers to find their business, to bring them business. But many companies tend to make some mistakes in the process of website construction and website maintenance is not conducive to the development of network marketing, network marketing. For example, the construction site too much emphasis on art design, content and function of web design too much novelty and strange and ignore the website, ignore the search engine promotion effect.

site construction does not need to be too novel. Business website is like a store, if a store opened in the deep mountains and forests that even if it is the most luxurious decoration, the most abundant commodities can not have good business. If a large flow of people in the downtown area where, as long as the shop, rich products, reasonable price, store decoration is clean and generous will Business Flourishes.

here emphasize that as an extension of the website construction, the first important thing is to solve the problem of site traffic, if customers can’t find you, the site does not flow that is just like you to shop to go even deep mountains and forests, the most beautiful web design also play no effect; the second is important website the function and content, the function structure of the flow also need a reasonable and rich content to attract customers in-depth access to your site, improve your enquiries; third important is the web designer, because of your visitors first impression is very important. Don’t expect to rely on website design graphic on the surprisingly new, to attract customers, only to do website promotion, the flow is bigger, provides a wealth of useful content, is the real magic to attract customers to increase the amount of inquiry. Of course, web site artists can not do too rough, outdated, as the store can not be renovated too bad, it will reduce people’s impression of you and a sense of trust and thus reduce your conversion rate.

How to do

website content rich, the first is to pay attention to the construction of "about us" this forum, can let visitors through the website of your company strength, have a clear understanding of the status of the visitors to have a sense of trust, not a loss of your customers are absolutely ignorant of the object, he always want to cooperate there is a certain strength. Of course, the most important site or product display this piece. Some web page to do the products but garish do the very weak. Product display is the core content of enterprise website construction, but also the most detailed understanding of the content of the customer. There are many ways of product performance. The most commonly used is the picture and some text, do the vivid site will use FLASH, graphics and other means to have a very vivid description of the product. At this point, the network marketing experts think some foreign websites do very in place, their parameters of the product description is very detailed, you can through the web site on their product appearance, size, performance, function, price has a very clear understanding. In addition to products and is particularly important to a contact, don’t let visitors to your site are feeling good, is it.

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