To push it Zhang Bin Entrepreneurship adhere to t is a living hell!

push the concept of most people are not unfamiliar, in 90s, at the time when Chinese without the Internet, the development of private enterprises, such as melatonin, these manufacturers are carried out step by step push, what is their push way? Just ran to the township to distribute leaflets, whitewashing etc.. But by the end of the 90s, the Internet entered china. Then several times in the Internet wave of Internet Co found through the online access to the user’s cost is relatively low, then will choose to promote online access to the user.


this year we will find that the entire Internet industry have some changes! The first is traffic entrance to pay entrance application basically rests in the hands of the giant entrance, such as the application of treasure, 360 mobile phone assistant, WeChat, UC, QQ browser, H5 browser traffic. Therefore, with the application of flow entrance pay the entrance is giant monopoly after the giants have a very strong pricing power, so when the promotion of Internet company online now, will find the cost of access to the user is no longer so low.

we will find the user’s behavior has changed! In 2011, 2012 when the development of mobile Internet, many users will Gesanchaiwu to the app store to download, take a look at what APP fun and not fun. But now a lot of users a month will not open the app store, except for some users in the field of the Internet, they might often see some experience products or products can be opened or search, so the user behavior changes.

offline promotion and online promotion what is the difference?

three categories

line under the promotion of the region with the crowd will be more accurate; second line to promote access to the user will be more real and reliable; line can be done to promote the face of user education.

is mainly aimed at the three points to do some detail, so that we can understand that a difference between online promotion with the line promotion! The first is the area with the crowd is accurate, the well-known online promotion project – wide point, although we can put in some areas, but there is no way it can push like the precise positioning of the scene to the precision of the crowd. Wide point can only be set to Guangzhou, may not be able to locate the student community white-collar users, he was unable to do so.

: a case of yuho north of Guangzhou, we are exclusive in the promotion, in Guangzhou last year, we help yuho to do the promotion, just started to help it push the driver side, first we each region of Guangzhou made a precise analysis.

we found that Baiyun District with Panyu District excellent step driver is relatively small, so the initial positioning of the promotion point is located in Panyu and Baiyun two places. On this basis, for the driver to promote the user we have to find the driver in which the scene for a long time, and finally find the car wash shop, gas stations, car parks and other scenes, and then the team >

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