Second hand car site continues to be touted and automotive information flow closely related to my So

in the near future, the major auto web site began to develop second-hand car business, indicates that the automotive industry to force the network used car. According to iResearch iResearch launched a continuous user behavior research system users iUserTracker latest data show that the current monthly coverage of the used car service in 20 million. Compared with the overall Internet users, higher monthly household income accounted for a relatively large number of visitors. From the flow of the site can be found in the relationship between the main used car sites and automotive information website links jump closer.

nearly half of the number of monthly coverage of second-hand car service shows a more optimistic growth momentum: nearly half a year increase in 6 or more. In particular, in February this year, the first time after the introduction of the new car website ushered in the peak of the Spring Festival, the scale of the user climbed to nearly 22 million people, which may be related to the strong demand for Internet users in the years after the replacement of vehicles.

user attribute data show that, compared with the overall Internet users, Internet users concerned about the car by a relatively high monthly income. Used car and car information about the visitor’s income distribution is roughly the same, household monthly income of more than 6000 yuan in the proportion of users in more than 4. The higher the proportion of high-income users in the car manufacturers, more than 6000 yuan monthly household income of up to $46%. Can be seen, there are many fans of automotive information, and car manufacturers to cover more consumer and consumer awareness of the brand.

from the point of view of access to information, car information service is the most important source of second-hand car site visits, accounting for 16.5% of the number of used car coverage in April, the other major sources include search and site navigation. This shows that there is a close relationship between the stage of China’s Internet used car market and car information website. At present, most of the used car website is the independent domain name of the used car channel of the mature automobile website, and it still keeps a close link between the original automobile website. This is also reflected from the other side of the current user initiative to obtain information on the Internet second-hand car is weak.

go to the site shows that the current domestic online shopping second-hand car is more inclined to online operations, O2O services and transactions under the line mode. Among them, the number of sites covering more than only includes the car information, and did not jump directly to the behavior of online payment page. While the mainstream used car website page only shows the second-hand car brokers or dealers contact, the function of the website is still in the stage of information display, the difference with developed countries C2C transaction model.

iResearch analysis, the current constraints of the domestic second-hand car website to achieve real factor of e-commerce mainly has two aspects: one is the car purchases customized demand is difficult to directly through the network communication; the two is the lack of legal protection, so that buyers and sellers to establish mutual trust through the network platform. Therefore, at present, the O2O model which is constructed by the large used car website matches the development characteristics of China’s economy and society at the present stage.

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