Music website owners pay attention to delete the songs of the singer Justin

today as usual, open the computer, in the mailbox, a new mail, a headline "warning letter (serial number: BJ07-1209)", point into a look, see, my music is caused by the network.

is the following songs, please delete the music master!

  June 20, 2007

serial number: BJ07-1209


International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) on behalf of the world more than 70 countries around the world (including Universal Music), Sonny Bodman (Sony BMG Music), EMI, Warner (EMI Group) (Warner Music), about 1400 record companies. At the same time, the International Association of the record industry is also the People’s Republic of China Copyright Bureau designated overseas recording products copyright certification bodies. The Beijing Representative Office of the International Recording Industry Association accepts the entrustment of a member company to monitor the Internet and take action against any infringement of the rights of the members of the association.

international record industry association have confirmed the following music (archive) without permission to spread to the public through your website, in violation of the relevant laws and regulations, violation of the rights of members of the company, the details are as follows:

music artist / song: Justin / hard life

music artist / song: Justin / mighty

music artist / song: Justin /

after injury

music artist / song: Justin /


music artist / song: Justin / I have



: Justin songs / music artist

artist / music song: Justin / two angel

music artist / song: Justin / love never falls

/Lately: Justin songs / music artist

/I: Justin songs / music artist Believe I Can Fly

/You: Justin songs / music artist Are So Beautiful

music artist / song: Justin / yuebanwan


: Justin songs / music artist

/Loving: Justin songs / music artist You

music artist / song: Justin / your name my name

music artist / song: Justin / woman with a past

music artist / song: Justin / most beautiful


the contents of the infringement is only as an example of your website dissemination of infringement, not all.

"copyright law of the People’s Republic of China" >

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