Microsoft in the next five years will be put into cloud computing 80% resources

NetEase science and technology news May 21st news, at the second China Cloud Computing Conference media conference, Zhang Yaqin used the 3 to describe the importance of Microsoft cloud computing 80%. Microsoft internal 80% of the business has been using cloud computing, the next 80% of the resources and the development of the power of the 80% will be put into the cloud computing projects.

it is understood that Microsoft currently has 80% business uses cloud computing, including search, email, and Xbox Live began to "cloud", recently, Windows Azure cloud operating system will also be in the Chinese landing. Since then, whether it is Microsoft’s server business, mobile phones, office and other aspects of cloud computing will have the figure. Zhang Yaqin said in the past five years, Microsoft has put the resources into cloud computing, Microsoft currently has three R & D centers in China, including one thousand and five hundred people in Shanghai, Beijing more than 2 thousand, Shenzhen R & D center about three hundred people. Of these, about half of the researchers are now engaged in cloud computing research. As the deepening of the project, in the future five years the company will put into the cloud computing in 80% of the world’s resources, 80% R & D investment in Microsoft, now there are 50 thousand people in R & D, the 50 thousand people inside the 40 thousand people will be engaged in cloud computing research and development and product, can be said that the future development of Microsoft all bet on the cloud top.

Zhang Yaqin believes that the global economic crisis has accelerated the process of enterprise virtualization, he said in the past two to three years of enterprise virtualization speed increased by 80%. We found that virtualization not only makes resources, but also makes the whole business more transparent. Nevertheless, Zhang Yaqin still said that cloud computing should do is to integrate existing resources, rather than blindly building data centers. Zhang Yaqin said: China’s cloud computing in the past 2 or 5 years, the greater the chance of private cloud in the enterprise, rather than build a large data center."

on the other hand, Zhang Yaqin also talked about the international standard problem of cloud computing, he believes that cloud computing data portability and interoperability are no uniform standard, now should be standardized, Chinese if early to participate in the formulation of standards, so in both the technology and the market, are Chinese can have a certain right to speak. (Cheng Peng)

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