Buy site development bottleneck low barriers to entry no standard products

[review] consumers daily log cool group net will have curiosity: what is a commodity to sell today? Only one day, and this day only sell this product. The countdown on the page to tell the user no longer have no chance.


buy site development bottleneck

super low, these often happen in the rush! Mall discount zone scene, now appeared frequently in the group purchase website, users panic buying website every day launched SPA, such as restaurants, salons and other goods or services opportunity. The United States Groupon website after the success, China also began to appear similar to the group purchase website, and was Liaoyuanzhishi in early 2010.

entrepreneurs Ziji Shanghai, party name card, a former McKinsey & Co. analyst, March 15, 2010 venture, cool group online.

operation mode

a day, limiting the number of spike

Fang Ziji admitted that the network is a copy of the United States cool In 2009, Ziji party to pay attention to the Groupon model, the concept of service industry to do group purchase. "Consumption is the future development direction of the country. Low frequency in China to buy the market, this model should be a lot of space." Currently, the cool mission network promotion in Shanghai, is actively preparing to enter the second cities.

cool network launched a single daily boutique consumption, involved in the field across the training courses, outdoor activities, catering and other service industries. Users interested in group purchase can click on the buy button, in the limited time enough minimum number, will be able to enjoy the group purchase price, and get the coupons by downloading, printing, sending mobile phone short message, use coupons for consumption. Most of the online 4-6 fold price, and some even ninety percent off. This opportunity is exciting, but if you want to get it, you have to scrape together enough.

contrast B2C website

in the shopping process to do subtraction

"makes online shopping easy and fun." Fang Ziji said, cool group network removed the past shopping site rich product selection and complex product display, and removed the relatively complex B2C website shopping process. For example, in Taobao, when you want to go shopping, first of all, you want to search, or in accordance with the classification of navigation to select products, selection or comparison, will be surrounded by a variety of fancy related recommendations, ranking. Cool group network is only a day to provide a product or service. "We are doing subtraction, it can reduce the amount of information, simplifying the process, with the reduction of the amount of information need to read consumer, consumer decision-making and implementation time for shopping action time is greatly shortened, which will greatly improve the purchasing efficiency, but also means that the website sales efficiency."

increased viscosity

consumers do not know what to sell tomorrow

consumers log on every day cool network will be >

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