Due to the disclosure of excessive network security vulnerabilities cloud temporarily closed

yesterday, the network has repeatedly disclosed network security vulnerabilities suddenly announced a temporary closure of the clouds, system upgrades, causing concern and hot Internet users.

The original name of the

cloud network, recently in a series of leak site fame. The site has exposed security vulnerabilities of CSDN, Tianya, Dangdang, Jingdong mall and other website.

frequently attack, let the clouds on the site seems to be in the teeth of the storm. Now in the leak climax, the site was suddenly closed. What is the reason?

yesterday, the Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporters after multi contact, and the organizers of the cloud network WooYun dialogue on the Internet, the name of good hackers told reporters a hacker war".

disclosure vulnerability white hat

yesterday, the Chengdu Daily reporter by insiders contacted WooYun, he readily agreed, but the condition is not a telephone, can only communicate through QQ and mail; even QQ net can not be released, only reluctantly agreed to use "WooYun" as a code.

WooYun told reporters that the cloud network is a hacker gathering place. However, they are "white hat".

in the general public, "hacker" seems to be synonymous with mysterious and dangerous, but in the world of hackers, they can be divided into three types: the first type: white hat, description of the hackers are positive, he can identify the computer system or network security vulnerabilities, but not malicious to use, but announced its vulnerability. In this way, the system can be used by other people (such as black hat) to repair vulnerabilities before use. The second category: gray hat, they are good at attacking technology, but it is not easy to cause damage; they are proficient in attack and defense, while the mind has a sense of information security system. Third class: black hat, they attack technology, the only purpose is to stir up trouble.

"we are not an organization, just a platform to gather a number of people interested in security technology." According to its introduction, through the cloud platform, a total of more than 500 researchers submitted to nearly 4000 security issues for the more than and 120 companies.

white hat who are fighting the way: to tap the security vulnerabilities in the site, before the black hat to use them, submitted to the platform, or report to the vendor, hoping the manufacturers to repair in a timely manner.

"we actually protect the manufacturers of users, but many vendors based on public relations considerations, to avoid these problems (security vulnerabilities), so we want to use this platform to do it better." For the recent tense network security environment, WooYun analysis, it is estimated that there are some large sites on the security of enough attention or even avoided, it led to more and more serious security risks. Do not be aware of the security risks, is really serious security risks".


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