Phpwind push the electronic magazine webmaster world to get the webmaster story

            August 24th news, Alibaba’s phpwind today officially released the "master the world" ( publication no.. This is a focus on small and medium-sized webmaster, industry, operations, the story of the world’s webmaster network magazine.

it is understood that with the help of the world, phpwind can help reduce the threshold of access to the owners. To promote the development of open source software, to promote and lead the development of community software, enhance the commercial value of the site and profitability. In "master the world" the inaugural issue, phpwind said, phpwind 8 officially released, it more intense sense of mission.

it is understood that phpwind can every day with a large number of webmaster contact, very close to the webmaster to understand the story, share their the passions, share them on the Internet, outlook on life and understanding. At the same time, phpwind has a very strong idea, is hoping to share their feelings out, so that more people to pay attention to the true story of the webmaster. Therefore, phpwind founded the "webmaster world".

phpwind said: "the world" "master the significance is that we use some low power, let the owners get more power, can move the Internet, can promote the Internet, the Internet can change, realize our dreams."

according to the relevant person in charge of the phpwind from the TechWeb learned that, "the world" is an early version of the electronic version, the future will launch a paper. In addition to the official website of phpwind, the official forum to do promotion, but also select one hundred or so local portals to promote.

According to

TechWeb observed that, at present, "master the world" in-depth reports, several sub station to Changfeng standard, I master my station, operation that column. Phpwind founder CEO Wang set and vice president Xiao Ruizhe as a "master the world" honorary editor, chief editor of Huang Zixiong pr. According to the relevant person in charge of phpwind said, "the world" is dedicated to the Internet in every ordinary person, I hope everyone can read to your extraordinary story.

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