The site responsible for the publication of false reports in detention

According to

"Sanqin Metropolis Daily" reported yesterday, the people of Yulin network responsible person of more than one because of spreading rumors, disrupting public order administrative detention according to law.

, April 24th at noon, Yulin people network appears on a "Shaanxi Yulin thousands of people besieged the traffic bureau, police cars overturned" reports, reports: April 23rd, Yulin city occurred due to the local traffic department randomly selected from 290 urban taxi driver, the lack of justice caused by the collective petitions, thousands of people gathered in Yulin city traffic bureau door caused HangYu road all day vehicles to normal traffic, local people clashed with police, several police cars were thrown to the ground. The false reports issued by NetEase, Sina, etc. more than 10 websites reprinted.

in view of the large number of organizations, it is difficult to organize all candidates. In order to ensure safe and orderly, by the Yulin Municipal People’s Congress, the CPPCC members in the selection of candidates to determine the random 290 Yulin city taxi driver. In April 23rd, the extraction results after the announcement, some people has not been drawn about more than 700 people to the traffic bureau in front of collective petition, the public security organs according to law on collective persuasion and evacuation of petitioners and onlookers, lawful and reasonable disposal process, beating, smashing, looting and violence occurred in the whole process.

April 24th 12:40, Yu Mou at his home in the network on an article entitled "Shaanxi Yulin thousands of people besieged the Bureau of traffic police cars overturned" the download, edit and modify through Internet upload for people to view their own people online in Yulin. In view of the people of Yulin network reported the contents of serious misrepresentation, petitioners have thousands of people, there is no siege of the Department of transportation, the vehicle overturned no more. Currently, Yulin police sentenced to administrative detention for 5 days punishment.

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