China webmaster eight bad habits

webmaster, this was originally a little glorious color words. Ready-made has been reduced to a person is not a title. There are a lot of

: first to replace the " constant; " vest; curse or raise their own

second: if you see the link with, immediately scolded

it is admitted that many writers of the article is obvious with the soft nature, because the soft Wen is one of the means of publicity website.

third: love collection or thief program />
is often thousands of data acquisition, the N long time not included.
from another point for example: give you a most cattle collector, you put the news of sina acquisition

fourth: exchange links using JS or secretly delete link
it is also very common phenomenon. There are often a lot of SEOer are repeatedly stressed: the effectiveness of regular simple links.

fifth: see you unhappy, you did not discuss the black

for the owners, of course, a large part of some understanding of hacking techniques, when watching a webmaster. Black him.
either steal procedures, or simply give up.

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