The seven indispensable website promotion tactics

if you do not promote a website can not imagine, because the Internet is free and a huge decision must be made to promote the site, in order to make your site out of addiction. Of course, here, we should resist those improper promotion methods, such as Trojans, viruses and other ways to come from the flow, ultimately unbearable reuse, and even most likely to have a negative impact.

formal creative promotion way, is our webmaster should Study hard and play, experience, blood sacrifice, the eight indispensable website promotion tactics.

a search engine ranking (PPC) to promote

Of course,

can rely on the quality of some SEO skills and website content, to improve the search engine rankings, but if you want to quickly attract traffic, might as well do some of the less popular keyword bidding in Baidu, Google (like Baidu and Google support), purchased the PPC, included the and ranking than will not have a lot of PPC, some competitive ranking still have the advantage in the early development of the website, because this is the concrete manifestation of the strength of a company.

two, soft Wen promotion

soft Wen promotion benefits since Needless to say, some owners even think that the promotion of soft paper is the best way in website promotion. Indeed, the promotion of soft paper can be based on your site features, combined with current hot spots, in a certain weight on the network media release, naturally able to attract the attention of many users and love.

In addition, because of the soft

is a lot of time in the form of news to show in front of the user, so users are more easily accepted, can effectively reduce the psychological conflicts. And there are still long soft, a wide range of influence, more professional and comprehensive, advertising and other characteristics of good results. Such as "Thousand Oaks burned thousands of the layout of the online community, the webmaster can do easily" one article, from well-known Internet companies and stood in thousand oaks of the point of view of the webmaster webmaster sake, much like an industry news, but the content is quite nutritious, when the article mentioned inside bubbles Web game platform is very natural, the owners feel is true.

three, community forum to promote

many webmaster website construction, thinking everywhere to post, or even to all the community forums in the industry are included, to know that this is not desirable, it is best to register ID, and the altar of the people inside the mix, then the advertising than to send advertising. You want to know and your friends in the industry forum is a direct user of your site, you spend some time with their relationship is necessary.

four, activity promotion

is not to do business, or do, always remember that the Chinese are quite cheap. Therefore suggest a website online, in order to attract more people to participate, you must try to carry out some activities, if it is able to.

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