How to do a good job in the English website positioning market and target customers to make money fl

a good website positioning direction is very important, is directly related to the future site traffic and revenue, so in the first place, if the positioning errors, may be a waste of time for several months, it is equal to lost a lot of dollars.

preliminary talk about, we can choose to do a new station popular industry, so many people visit, even if the competition is fierce, you can also share a cup of soup. The framework can choose Entertainment (Entertainment), education (Education), tourism (travel), Finance (Finance), insurance (insurance), (Loan) consumer loans, then think Google Adsense income low can also apply for other advertising sales advertising. I personally recommend the consumer theme of the site, such as cosmetics, cars, mobile phones, notebooks, children’s products, etc.. We can do according to their own interest in the site, so as to continue to update and continue to do better, this is very important.

don’t put his box, must do what site visits to the following 2 key sites to survey the related topics, and then use Google to locate the trend whether Americans love these things, and the Americans through search engines generally use what words to find, for example, mobile phone, Chinese Americans love to call mobile phone with cell phone, the British and Indian love with mobile phone, great difference. We do a new location can be a country, not to pursue all the countries in English, the United States has 200 million large enough space for the internet.

I think the keywords don’t pursue the highest traffic such as cell phone, the word n every day many people search, but we can not do the keyword Google first page, but we can do cheap cell phone, free cell phone. To see what the keyword expansion volume, such as cheap Nokia cell phone free att cell phone, when they search will use these words, the same model, you do this kind of keyword traffic to your web site, even if your article is modified from the station to the title, because you. A cheap a free, related article writing skills in the future to speak. Also pay attention to the study of the complex, cell phone and cell phones which is better?

do you stand must be new, can not stay in the above article rely on Baidu, it is easy to tie oneself, the stationmaster know how to make money, also know how happy to learn! Please indicate: thank you, I hope you > New

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