Education Station financing 29 million the merits of golden beauty

renamed China ( March 31st news, the station education today announced that obtained by Jiyuan capital and for capital investment of $29 million, this round of financing will be used for teacher training, recruitment, the official domain name "" contributed.

Education station was founded in 2011, mainly to provide before TPO tools, test information, database and machine service, later transformation of online education, including school and community service in two, in addition to foreign language training in the extension category, the station education has extends to the field of study in the downstream.


station education website using a single spell domain name "station", we previously reported that the start station education using the 5 letter domain name, compared with the current single spell domain name, not only difficult to remember and seems to be "Education Station" take a share, is not conducive to publicity.

is now a single spell domain name "station" short enough, people can think of "small education", is conducive to brand promotion, can also make its dominance in other education website.

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