WeChat arena No. flourishes myth critical

review: the public number is blue for a few people, may be able to explore business opportunities, but in the face of a millions of platform competition, any gold are not so well dug.

23 year old Chuan Wei as a "master" make a living away from home for many years, he played the count for more than a year, WeChat public arena circle. He spent more than 1 years to build a small number of fans of the 60 thousand, and began to make money, the trumpet has become his job search, communication card.

actually, No. "in the public arena in which nobody like Wei are against the small figure of a few small fast operation, some small by a few people in the dorm to toss out the day into a million sales. At the same time, the big rich rich, also no lack of such people immersed in public. Such as the Shanghai media people Yannian at the beginning of the resignation of the founder of "pomegranate woman report", with 100 thousand fans, as in the circle of V, the advertising fee of up to 50 thousand yuan, the ability to earn


according to official data of Tencent, as of September last year, WeChat public number has reached 5 million 800 thousand, and to increase the rate of 15 thousand per day, conservative estimates so far, has nearly 7 million 500 thousand.

in this arena, there flourishes myth, such inspirational story was in the public arena, wealth, floated. Profit is a common goal for small, but for the help from the media people, muffled fortune is the best choice, saying: "by Wei what all don’t mention money, we Gexianshentong

The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea!"

"this circle is a political arena, there is also a small martial martial, but everyone has their own living space."

December 2013, Chuan Wei and another student began to operate the public number road. "The first is to do feature, but there are media people do too well, I’ll go the other way."

to do the public, muffled fortune to reward advertising nouveau riche

23 year old Chuan Wei, seasoned, "as a public number in the three line of the city, few people know the start, fans are a rose, sometimes dry until midnight, once an article 3 days up to more than 10 thousand fans, was extremely excited and excited like."

in fact, since this year, because of the public number, he experienced the betrayal, the first encounter lawyers call after serial, he participated in various public outreach activities, because of the small know many first-line media practitioners, know these people also gave him many opportunities.

"I’m at a domestic top media platform to practice now, these opportunities because of my public number to me, a magazine to find my book……" In addition to these opportunities, said some actual Chuanwei economic benefits, such as a reward, "there was a reward Xinjiang nouveau riche me 500 yuan, think there is a little excited, then said I have the ideal nouveau riche, to support me." Award of appreciation

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