Major companies have come to the National Day nternational News

    with a number of agents to communicate, recently received a call from the major registrar, in October 1st the international domain name registrar to adjust the price of the international domain name increased $0.5. Domestic adjustments accordingly. Specific price increases have not yet determined. Seems to be more in promoting agent to push users to renew.
      has received the Chinese channel, the new network interconnection, the new network. Such as the price of the phone. At present there is no Chinese business news, Chinese million net has made clear the price unchanged in October 1st.


  net price to receive new mail:

new network domain name registration bureau recently received.Com/.net VeriSign notice, will once again adjust high school English.Com/.net price in October 1, 2008, due to the adjustment time is located in the National Day holiday, in order to benefit new network of channel partners, decided to postpone the relevant domain price changes, the price adjustment time is tentatively scheduled for October 8, 2008, when the new network will according to your September 1, 2008 to September 30th in the new network agent platform ( to automatically adjust the agent level in product consumption, before the price adjustment, we sincerely hope that you can advance to urge the customer renewals, reduce customer renewals of transaction cost.

if there is unknown, you are welcome to call around the new branch of the company to consult.

thank you for your continued support!

  35 Internet customer respect:
        35 received a notice recently internet international domain name registration bureau Verisign, from October 1st once again raised the price of the price adjustment in the international domain name, domain type class of the four English international domain name.
        because of the price adjustment during the time when the National Day holiday, 35 Internet in order to ensure the interests of our customers, our company will in the National Day holiday and then make the appropriate price adjustment, in order to better serve you. 35 Internet sincerely recommend you the best price before the international domain name renewals or new domain name registration, in order to reduce expenses. 35 interconnection has been launched for 50 years, the country of 100 years-

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