Graduation album to find opportunities for young girls to create a network of wealth myth


, a social networking site designed for high school students, is favored by a number of investment companies because of its simplicity. (photo)


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New Jersey girl Catherine · 18 year old Cook. Three years ago, she and her brother to create a high school social networking site Today, the site has become the darling of the national high school students, was named the nation’s top third social networking sites. Catherine is also known as teenage millionaire, becoming the "facebook" (Facebook), founder of Harvard dropout Mark · Zuckerberg, a network maker of myth.

is a social networking is the creator of the world had some "odd".


one day 3 years ago, 15 year old Catherine and 16 year old brother Dave looked at an old school graduates caysprite, accidentally found a two people know girl.

but the picture on the album doesn’t look like the girl at all.

"I said to Dave," these old books are just too bad, "said Catherine." the pictures are old and yellow, and there’s nothing to be found about a student."

Catherine was at New Jersey’s Montgomerie high school. She wears a pair of glasses, admits his own character "a bit of a loner".

, as Catherine said, was a tedious book for high school graduates, and only a few of the magazine and tabloid editors occasionally turned it upside down in an effort to find some embarrassing photos of a celebrity.

Cook brothers and sisters suddenly thought. "We thought, why not put our own situation on the Internet? Why not on the Internet to create a home page, write love what kind of TV shows, listen to music, what kind of spare time to do what?" Catherine recalled.

was founded in 2003, "my space" (MySpace) and created in 2004, Facebook and other social networking sites in the u.s..

but Catherine wants to create a world of high school students. She imagined that the site is high school students can create their own online version of the graduates’ album, upload photos, and classmates, schools and other schools and even students and teachers exchange notes.


Catherine and his brother Dave to create a web site for her family but utterly ignorant of, great help. Home of the eldest brother Geoff is a Harvard University student, was already on the Internet to dig into the pot of gold. He designed two websites that help students write papers and modify their resumes

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