MT BBS record is not canceled into the new management

            for the concerned State Council to cancel the "Internet electronic bulletin service special approval (for the record) project", the Ministry of Telecommunications Authority staff yesterday told the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter interview responses, electronic bulletin service for approval or filing did not cancel, just into the non operational Internet information service for the record management.

State Department canceled the BBS special filing project

in July 9th, the State Council promulgated the "State Council on the fifth installment of cancellation and decentralized management level of administrative examination and approval decision" by the central government to the Internet, "the Internet electronic bulletin service special approval (for the record) project is located in the line. According to the relevant provisions of the previous, any unit or individual only after special approval or filing, in order to open electronic bulletin service. From the program, any website that wants to set up such services, at least after a double approval or filing, that is the first to obtain IC P card (business site) or IC P filing (non operating site), and then the special filing.

in the actual operation, rare personal sites through special filing, the vast majority of individual website forums are not BBS special record number.

cancel B B S special filing of the news caused a strong reaction in the industry, that this is the Chinese Internet management of significant progress, and some even described it as "spring is coming".

but because the Ministry has yet to respond and explain, many industry insiders are in wait-and-see, there is speculation that the relevant departments may be the integration of SN S, micro-blog and other new interactive program management, the introduction of new regulations; some analysts believe that will put the relevant audit together with the IC P record audit with decentralization the local authority through; and view in taking pictures for the record after the implementation of BBS for special significance has been reduced.

": not to cancel the

this, the reporter interviewed some local authorities yesterday. Fujian province tongguanju said, B B S for personal service to the original by the Ministry of the administrative examination and approval center acceptance, in order to re apply for local communication bureau, now is not required for this process can be handled directly in the local communication bureau; Zhejiang province tongguanju said recently will have documents issued B B S, may cancel the special examination and approval system.


has not been canceled, according to the original law the normal development of the Internet electronic bulletin service special approval or record filing into the recordation of non operational Internet information services management." The Ministry said its market management office an anonymous staff told Nandu interview with reporters.

he explained that, in fact, for the cancellation of the BBS special approval, the Ministry made a remark, but now the State Council to do the audit office in the online publication of this directory omitted remarks column".

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