Microsoft will support ODF and SP2 in Office2007 PDF

Microsoft in May 21st local time announced that they will be in Office 2007 SP2 of ODF (Open Document Format), PDF and XPS (XML Paper Specification) to provide local support, these new formats will get the same treatment with Microsoft OpenXML.

Office 2007 SP2 will be released in the first half of 2009, when users can operate directly in the Office file format, no need to download any third party plug-ins. Recently, the developer of proprietary document format interoperability issues, government departments are very concerned about, Microsoft’s OpenXML has just been included in the ISO standard, although some countries on the OpenXML to become ISO standard questioned.

in a telephone conversation yesterday, Office Senior Product Manager Doug Mayhew said that Microsoft will also provide the appropriate API, hook mechanism to allow developers to insert more formats Office. Microsoft will also continue to update the Office version of Office 14 support OpenXML format.

Microsoft also said that they will have these open format companies and organizations, they will join the OASIS working group, the development of the next version of ODF, and will join the ISO/IEC working group to provide more support for OpenXML.

international source: P=3832

Chinese translation source: COMSHARP CMS official website

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