Play is hacking attacks the verdict the defendant was sentenced to six months imprisonment

November 26th news, according to play network president Li Xueling said, $8 million of financing of Shanghai Qin and Ispeak company, spent 120 thousand yuan to buy the network attack attack play game case in Shanghai before the date of judgment. Ispeak, vice president of criminal prosecution, sentenced to 6 months in prison.

according to reports, the Shanghai Qin Feng Xi and vice president of the company in February this year, Zou Zhengyong was hired to play "crooked" voice channel implementation of network attacks, resulting in more net 20 server has been severely disrupted, about 30 million users landing failure caused a direct economic loss of 35000 yuan.

warcry formally prosecuted in September 17th this year. Shanghai Baoshan District people’s Court of first instance verdict, von and Zou Zhengyong for the crime of destruction of computer information systems, were sentenced to 6 months and 9 months in prison. The defendant has not yet filed a lawsuit.

and iSpeak play network "YY", are to provide voice services to online game player team communication tool. It is said that Kingsoft Corp has invested ispeak.

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