80 T male fruit fruit have founded the annual income of millions of yuan


in July 26th, is located in the vicinity of the new wholesale market for fruit and fruit processing factory, Jia ran into the box wearing overalls cut fruit packing in the processing workshop, ready to send. Newspaper reporter Wacom Xin photo


: cool fruit founder Jia ran

domain: fine service


venture: $100 thousand savings, Jia ran in Chaoyang District Shuangjing a residential building from the sale of "fresh cut". In his book, the monthly rent of 2500 yuan, office equipment, workstations, processing equipment 20 thousand yuan, 3000 yuan each week to buy fruit wholesale, distribution of 4 members per person per month wages 3500 yuan, 3000 yuan monthly salary processing staff. Low cost business "fresh cut", but because the fine service to open a piece of heaven and earth. 1000 yuan, 3 million yuan, 10 million yuan, this is a result of our three years since the founding of the annual income. Not long ago, "geometrically" the growth of the fruit have won fourth pen financing amounting to 2 million yuan. Now, every day there are 20 tons of fresh cut fruit into the box, Tencent, Sina (66.08, -0.45, -0.67%), Baidu (127.56,1.71,1.36%) company office building.

reporter Zhang Qianyi

at 10 in the morning, in the new market next to a 100 square meters of processing workshop, the workers picking, peeled, diced, sliced fruit boxes boxes of melon, grape, peach assembled in packaging production line. Two hours later, Jia ran drove an old Jinbei van, the 430 box "fresh cut" to the barley net in Dongzhimen office. I talk about the project, the first delivery of Pro pro. This habit has never changed since the beginning of the day.

test the water consumption end of the retail funds

undergraduate students are reading information engineering, after graduation has entered the BEA, IBM (197.35,0.13,0.07%), Taobao software engineer, this "sanshierli" Jia Ran has always been that he is a "atypical IT male", "doing things down to earth".


in IT company, Jia ran in front of the computer for a day, the morning brought apple (440.99,2.49,0.57%), are often wholly intact brought back the home at night. And this is a common thing among colleagues. "I hate to have my eyes full of code, who cares to wash the fruit." Many colleagues will choose to run 5 minutes away from the company Starbucks, buy a cup of less than ten slices of fruit, fruit cup". When you try to sell computers from the university students in the business intuition, Jia ran found that this is a good business opportunity, if the wash, cut fruit to the front of the office workers, must be popular."

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