ndependent chat chat pros and cons of the need for innovative development

online shop system is to provide the popular features, not their own characteristics, and some others have. Need to have their own function. I saw a lot of independent shop system, I do not have to tell you that this function. Moreover, links can also be linked to each other through a small platform to link. PW used the forum all know that their heart version can push their own articles, let others go to update their forum, if I have a shop, you have this platform, then this can be modified, product promotion. Their products can be pushed to this platform, others can download updates to their online shop. Even if you do not have their own products, you can also use this shop to open their own shop.

can also do a comment plugin. This plugin will give you a high flow. That is the hishop online comment system, use the shop, there will be a showcase, people can go to their shop on product quality and service quality, so the degree of credibility comparable to Taobao.

currently independent shop system is not optimistic about the reasons are as follows:

1, independent shop promotion single, search engine crawl rate is low

2, independent shop functions are similar, no shop for users to promote consideration.

3, independent shop is done by a single word of mouth effect.

online shopping is the first element of how to identify the credibility of this shop.

Taobao is one of the advantages of the credibility of the function.

4, no matter what the shop has customized services, but the price is relatively high custom function, then you can sell the template to sell Taobao, as to provide a low price of the shop landscaping, and template style. Do not look at the small, large amount of long-term stability of the space, you can make money can earn popularity.

article from: Chinese station manager http://s.shopvk.com/a/news/071747882009.html

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