Aluminum and Ma to join in the online sale of aluminum

both sides to build the integration of China’s metal electricity supplier trading platform, the company will be in the procurement and sales of aluminum business to migrate from the metal to the electricity supplier trading platform.

Shaochong bearThe task of Aluminium Corp (

bear losses referred to in the aluminum company) chairman Ge Honglin, finally bear the downward pressure on the industry, to the old central enterprises, and choose the "electric shock net" and the leading electricity supplier Alibaba jointly build Chinese metal trading platform provider.

aluminum company’s official website on Monday announced that in November 12th, Ge Honglin, chairman of the aluminum company in the company’s headquarters and chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group Ma held talks. The two sides on the Innovation Entities and electricity supplier companies to negotiate cooperation, and agreed on the next step of working principles and modes of operation.

the two sides will make full use of the aluminum company as the traditional enterprise in the non-ferrous metal industry influence in the industry, and the Alibaba’s existing business platform and technology suppliers, customers, financial services, logistics services and other resources, to build the integration of Chinese metal trading platform provider, the aluminum company’s procurement and sales business, by the line of metal migration to business transaction on the platform of operation, realize the industry users purchase marketing drainage to the platform, the platform of business promotion.

and other commodities such as steel and other commodity traders to create a different way to build electronic business platform, aluminum and Alibaba cooperation, it is obvious that the value of the latter’s electricity supplier business strength and brand effect. China is hoping to use Alibaba e-commerce trading platform reputation, less detours." Zhuo aluminum industry analyst Zhang Meng said.

Alibaba is a leading electricity supplier in the world, the business covers trade, logistics, finance, credit system and other fields, not only have a large number of online suppliers, traders, customer resources, as well as big data analysis ability and cloud computing platform, has a mature business platform to build a technology capability." Ge Honglin met with Ma said, hoping the two sides in the electricity supplier, logistics, cloud computing, big data and other areas of business cooperation.

over the past two years in TMT, logistics, media and other large acquisitions of Ma, the determination to enter the field of commodities. He said that the cooperation between Alibaba and Chinalco, will start from the non-ferrous industry, gradually radiation to the black metal industry, coal industry, petrochemical industry and other traditional industries. His purpose is to change the image of the original small and medium enterprise service platform, improve the industry layout and industry structure Alibaba platform, so that the depth of the promotion of electronic business platform Alibaba".

if the cooperation of and Alibaba can reach the floor, then it will be China’s first aluminum trading platform. Earlier, according to the great wisdom aastocks news agency reported that the iron and steel business enterprises Shanghai steel (300226.SZ) with the intention of Nanshan aluminum (600219.SH) aluminum cooperation to create a business platform, but so far, the two sides have not announced the progress of cooperation.

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