Taobao C2C transformation B2C online shopping trends

for the low-end users, online shopping is to Taobao shopping; in recent years, the development of the electricity supplier, although Tmall, Suning and other Jingdong, B2C mall, Taobao C2C position still can not be ignored.

at present, are not yet a foregone conclusion, everything may have. Although Taobao plays a decisive role in the online shopping, but from the high-end user needs, more people like B2C. In the rapid development of the Internet today, one day users will be popular shopping, when the user needs of the mall will be improved, more secure B2C will occupy the dominant position of the electricity supplier. That’s why Taobao is trying to shift its focus to B2C.

Ma Yun in the February 3, 2013 CCTV "dialogue" in the online shopping Chinese said: "in the next few years will be more fierce, because the goods on the market is too expensive, consumers can not obtain price, coupled with the popularity of the Internet, many people are willing to choose online shopping ( In addition, Taobao and other stores will be a lot of entrepreneurs struggle, which indicates that the electricity supplier industry is still a lot of room for development, to further improve.

clothing and other small commodities is an important core of Taobao, with the development of science and technology, the majority of rural people have begun to call, I hope more agricultural products and furniture can directly engage in the Internet, and commodity wholesale payments, transfers, so that farmers can go on modern electronic age.

The real meaning of

e-commerce is the electronic business, is also in line to buy and sell things, and the lifeblood of "highlight the advantages of local B2C on the long-term development of electronic commerce, believe that the electricity supplier industry in the fierce competition after, the pattern will change in the short term" /p>!Taobao

now has over 8 years, they will strike hard goods in the new year of Taobao, and then step by step put twist to the B2C model, making users really dig treasure.

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