Adsense network art group 08 Olympic Games [weather bulletin]

New Year firecrackers as if still in my ears, bustling about spent 07 years later, in 08 years you whether this idea:

standard of writing HTML and CSS. Tools: EDITPLUS, PHOTOSHOP. The relatively low cost of web design and refactoring services. DEDECMS, NEWASP, PHPCMS, FOOSUN and other mainstream program template integration services.

08 new year, Adsense network art group launched the following services:

in service at the same time, we also need to inject more resources, the natural and ultimately excellent designers and members to join the program integration:

in order to repay the stationmaster net friends support for a long time, we also provide daily limit free service:

free LOGO design: 2 LOGO daily quota design. Free BANNER design: daily 1 BANNER design quota. Free BUTTON design: daily 1 BUTTON design quota.

the above service effectively for a long time, please consultation with QQ:29925249    mobile phone: 13088553772&nb.

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