The electronic coupon strategy and design of e-commerce website

recently in the integration of marketing activities, to participate in the user preferences to activities, so I think a lot of advantages of electronic coupons, I see to do for a long time, McDonald’s KFC and other electronic coupon application mode, after the activities of the objective and user integration, since that electronic coupons are of some use, also in the online search a:

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from the search results, Baidu search, application of electronic coupon is not very mature, although the mobile phone coupons, discount coupons, discount cards and other forms of constantly being in an electronic version of the coupon, but the overall feel not assured, this activity is an attempt in coupons, coupon is limited and restricted area the use of such products is limited, in order to improve the integration of marketing activities, improve the use of the coupon rate, but also in order to better assess the role of coupons.

a website electronic coupon integration ideas

is the integration of different industry due to the activities of members and registered users of resources, so a goal is relatively old customers, given certain qualified standard and old customers to participate in the activities of issuing coupons, enhance the user viscosity on the one hand, on the other hand, we all know that the development of a new customer is the cost of maintaining an old customer. 2 ~ 6 times; every 5% decrease of customer loss, the profit will increase from 25% to 85%; the second is the excessive trust, trust is a community of a web site users trust over to this activity, to the user free, discount feeling, let more users to focus on activities.

two website electronic coupon integration strategy

principle is the participant for everyone, but the coupon discount rate do hierarchy, this can be for the outstanding members, activities of active members to give more concessions, the highest discount for two times to participate in activities and purchase the product members of the highest preferential conditions is reduced from the product, time, area etc. for example, can be a model of the national general coupons.

coupon when the integration of the activities of both members of the resources, including Email, mobile phones and other ways to contact multiple channels to ensure that users can receive coupons at the right time, and get confirmation information.

three website electronic coupon integration design

This is the most

in the skills, the most important, must take the user registration website or community as the theme, to support their activities, help each other to improve their website trust, personally think that if the coupon design is not good, the effect will be playing more than 50% discount, so there is a lot of foreign reference coupons in this mode.

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