2018 China’s electricity supplier turnover will exceed the sum of the rest of the world

[Abstract] "double eleven" year after year. One of the factors driving the rapid growth of China’s electricity supplier, consumer confidence.

Tencent science and technology news November 12th, Chinese buyers crazy to celebrate their online shopping festival double eleven". To Beijing time at 13:30 on November 11th, they spent nearly $6 billion on the Alibaba. Last year, Alibaba group in the double eleven day sales of only $5 billion 800 million. This data also reflects China’s e-commerce market in what speed forward.

but "double eleven" is just the beginning. China’s e-commerce industry will become bigger. Investment bank Morgan Stanley expects that by 2018, China’s total e-commerce transactions will exceed the total number of e-commerce in other countries in the world.


China and the rest of the world e-commerce transactions

to the current growth rate of China’s e-commerce industry, by 2018, it will occupy 1/5 of China’s consumer spending.


e-commerce accounted for the proportion of China’s consumer spending

is one of the factors driving the rapid growth of China’s e-commerce sales, consumer confidence. The more people experience online shopping, the higher the online spending will be.


online buyers online spending over the years contrast figure

another reason is that China’s physical retail infrastructure is still scarce, especially in comparison with the more developed economies, especially the case.


2013 United States, Germany, Britain, Japan and China per capita retail area of

, which is particularly prominent in the big cities, explains why "double eleven" sales growth will come mainly from small cities. Nearly 60% of active mobile devices are located in the city of three lines or small cities, and in the first half of this year, 1/4 of online transactions have been completed through mobile devices.


one or two, three lines of mobile devices in the proportion of

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