Under the kitchen cookbook community kitchen, ready to become an electricity supplier

however, the electricity supplier, there are differences between the space it?

if you are an old user of the kitchen, the first time into his office, may be some disappointment. In Beijing five on the edge of an office building in the newly completed, about 50 staff members sitting in a row at the entrance to the station, remove the display shelves of kitchen utensils and ingredients, simple decoration is hard reminiscent of the famous for "small fresh" company.

in April before moving into the new office, their office environment is not the case. "When we lived in Huilongguan villa, colleagues often use these to do some cooking utensils to eat together, a kitchen staff at this old restaurant furnishings, he said," now here is for the electricity supplier team to take pictures."


only the entrance display shows that this is a gourmet company

The reason for this change is that

, founded four years under the kitchen, began to seriously do electricity supplier.

kitchen founder, CEO Wang Xusheng said "curiosity daily" in the new office: "here mainly because sit down, the number of our more than and 20 employees from before gradually expanded to more than and 50 people, is to sit down."

now, the area of about 700 square meters of office is basically full, at the same time, the team is still under the kitchen recruit.

"the only thing you can see, the most intense customer service staff, is what we lack," Wang Xusheng said."

these urgent need to solve the problem, mainly in the next kitchen formally launched from October last year, the electricity supplier business.

Application of

in the bottom of the page, add a "fair" label, and recipes content, original delicacy Master not what relation, is a relatively independent sector.


market is a new independent channel

in the kitchen application.

market is a display and sales related to eating something "platform for thousands of items including food, snacks, kitchen utensils, electric kitchen, specially after the audit team, will be on the shelves.

from this point in, you will see the "taste of love" and "you love the Mason bottle with these typical kitchen style recommended language, can be directly to the decline, see those with exquisite pictures of goods.

like in other electricity supplier website, the user will choose the goods into the shopping cart, fill in the delivery address, after payment is completed, the shopping process is only waiting for the courier to knock on the door.

although it seems that the commodity is not much, in fact, according to category, the kitchen has been counted

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