10 shop case to tell you in the end who is playing beauty

[Abstract] beautiful mogujie.com said, the transformation of its own platform for nearly a year, very hard, sounds great, but in the end who played this platform? Billion state power network said 10 days before the beauty of typical sellers within the platform to do a survey, trying to sketch out the platform brief portrait of the seller.

from the survey results, said the beautiful platform sellers there are several features: 1 more, the original design and brand awareness is not high; 2, many from the wholesale market under the line of stores; 3, Europe and South Korea fan style, not too much; 4 Dezhuan Taobao.

in addition, according to the seller’s reaction, the promotion cost in the beautiful that are high, basically can account for about 20% of sales; the mobile terminal, the mobile terminal stores all sales are basically can reach 80% or more.


The following is

billion state power network to have 10 beautiful representative said:


Kun Ge shoes: the end of an explosion of three years "mode


shoesIn the original design of high-end shoes

was founded in 2005, to Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea a big fashion tide is the main direction, there are many franchised store entities in the southwest region, is expected to expand to the other end of the city.

is currently in the major platform Ge Kun has a flagship store (Tmall 1, 2 Jingdong, 1 Alibaba, said the beautiful 2, ICBC financial e purchase 1), said that the current sales accounted for about 25% of the beautiful.

at the end of May this year, Kun Ge settled beautiful said, at the beginning of June officially on sale, and spent a month on the beautiful platform rules, fashion elements and the price of goods. During the big promotion in September, sales reached 300 thousand in the period of 3 days.

and most sellers as a major cost that is also in the beautiful Kun Ge promotion costs (mainly beautiful ECTEL), accounting for about 20% of sales promotion expenses.

beautiful said users mostly between 18-28 years old female fashion, and have a certain ability to buy this property only to constantly develop new, keep up with fashion trends is based on the store with the book, rather than the other platforms, a shop is just a critical section, a paragraph for 3 years, the development of the shop itself is a kind of repression." Store executives commented.

Europe and the United States tide shoes: relying on the list of



tide shoes seller, the original online wholesale stalls (referring to the wholesale store), 09 began to do electricity supplier, was the Taobao mall. November 19, 2013 settled in beauty. Currently in Taobao’s monthly sales of not more than 10 thousand.

"do not understand do not understand a retail business people hard bargain, others play dead while having his dead. Taobao has been killed by this group of people." The seller said.

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