51.com was arrested on suspicion of illegal information Hold

webmaster network January 5th afternoon news, there are users to reflect the webmaster network, 51.com was banned by the Registrar, the site can not be accessed.

webmaster network editor http://s.idc.admin5.com/whoisinfo_en.asp domain=51.com platform query 51.com domain name as follows:


then edit the call to call the new headquarters, 51.com on suspicion of illegal information was Hold, only the domain name and other applications submitted to lift the hold.

about 51.com

51.com was founded in August 2005, is currently the China largest social networking site, created by the famous Pang Shengdong who, at the end of June 2009, 51.com more than 160 million registered users, independent user login month number more than 38 million 500 thousand, more than 300 million daily PV. 51.com is a U.S. Sequoia Capital Fund China (Sequoia Capital China), the giant network group (Giant Interactive Group), Heiner Asian venture capital (Susquehanna International Group), Intel capital (Intel Capital), red dot ventures (Redpoint Ventures) and other international famous enterprises and joint venture fund investment and.

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