Behind the closure of Vine the collapse of the negotiations led to the red collective Exodus

in less than four years, Vine from the Internet star fall abandoned as the reason behind where? Is the competition is too strong, or because of their strategic mistakes


Vine has opened the first paragraph video social networking. 2012 end of the year, the name of the project from Florida, the United States quietly created Vine, the App can only shoot up to 6 seconds long short video, and can be shared on the Vine social platform. The founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey in the product line before the notice of its potential, early 2013 $20 million in the bag. Unfortunately, in Twitter’s painstaking efforts, less than four years, Vine finally declared dead.

Vine Bach Amanda Cerny, red King, Marcus Johns

2012, the video is still a new concept. But at this time, the popularity of smart phones has been coupled with a more generous flow of packages, both for the popularity of short video provides a hardware foundation. Vine in January 2013 when the line is only iOS version, in June launched the Android version, but the rapid development, the number of users has reached 13 million. Three months later, the number of users doubled by three to reach 40 million. Some analysts estimate that when the United States Andorid mobile phone users, 3.64% of users open at least once a month Vine.

but it is also at this time, good times don’t last long, Twitter’s competitors, Facebook incurred under the command of Instgrame also launched the video function, and the length of up to 15 seconds. At that time, Instagram users reached ten times the size of Vine.

Instagram is the original social picture started, and has accumulated a lot of popularity, when users find the platform can also send video, and use is not weaker than Vine, the migration of desire is not so strong. Moreover, the social platform itself has the aggregation effect, everyone loves to join the fun, the popularity of the platform is relatively popular platform has a natural advantage.

Vine in the field of short video of the first mover advantage immediately in trouble, the mature red net no longer attractive, if transferred to Vine, equivalent to start empty-handed. To this end, Vine on the user experience, such as the introduction of existing video, video editor is also more easy to use, as well as other more rich features. But the strange thing is that, after half a year, Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann had no reason suddenly retired, no longer responsible for Vine transactions, other staff responded that this is a big blow to the morale of the team, after all, he is the founder of the company, the product vision is he founded.

another co-founder Colin Kroll was originally a Vine of the CTO, but later gave way

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