Baidu Post Bar denied selling Cheng Yanqiu bar Celebrity paste it without this business


technology news March 28th evening news recently, some friends broke the news that the Peking Opera master Cheng Yanqiu Post Bar was sold to actor Cheng Yanqiu, in this regard, Baidu Post Bar in micro-blog responded that Post Bar is absolutely not to sell, and this Post Bar commercial does not have any relationship.

friends broke the news that the Peking Opera master Cheng Yanqiu post bar was suddenly sold to the same name actor Baidu. In the know related issues, netizen "energy-saving" has been called "activist Cheng Yanqiu", from the opera love since, in Cheng Yanqiu’s voice, sing the way to send a lot of communication, and amateur opera, the Post Bar to give them a lot of help. "In a day, in a wink, suddenly found a Post Bar style, all of the original post was deleted and replaced by an unknown (do not know the person) mediocre actor ‘Cheng Yanqiu’ Post Bar. I was really shocked, all the traces of the original did not, and disappeared clean. It’s like the actress has always been the owner."

for this matter, this evening, Baidu post bar in its official micro-blog responded by saying: This is absolutely nothing to do with the post bar commercialization, because there is no business for celebrity paste bar.

Baidu post bar further explained that the Cheng Yanqiu bar before it is not the main reason for long-term landing is not under the complaint. After the Lord appointed "orange left" gradually removed Post Bar in old post, the personal behavior has seriously violated the Post Bar bar management system, Post Bar has been carried out under any of its disposal at the same time, the emergency office of temporary owner, maintenance Post Bar order, gradually restore the malicious delete posts. (Li Nan)

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