Another clever way to promote the use of entertainment events website

day entertainment event like a hot emerge in an endless stream, "today’s mask doll Xiangxiang" incident. It is dazzling ah, but there are new things every day, every day is different, whether he is speculation or not hype. So we should make good use of it, entertainment topic are as topic of tea after dinner, for example, in the entertainment industry who today what to shoot the film, who the movie was how etc.. Free people love on this topic, but is not tired ah le. So, we have to make good use of the hot list every day, more effective and efficient promotion website.

how to use it to get the effect will be maximized?.

first day to find a day in hot events, that someone will ask, how do I know a day so much, which is the most hot list? If you ask, you don’t mind. Baidu has a billboard, a current list of search, there is a door the home station, which is not the hot events of the day of the reference information? The opportunity is to find, sitting there waiting for the arrival of success, until the white hair is also unlikely to succeed. Success is for those who are prepared! Are you ready to start looking for it!

secondly, the title of the writing. Even the bad content to match a good title! The title will have a direct relationship with the user will visit your site, write the soul, write the user’s psychological, it is a good title, I have not reached this level, ha ha. The title is divided into three types: 1) brave innovative, others do not dare to write to write, do not do to others, then you have half the success, has been done in the end, you will succeed. Of course, there is a limit to legal, not the It is sheer fiction. Luanche a pass, people tell you, can not say see this article got the idea. 2) made some direct relationship with crescent shaped, the title of the event are the major portals occupy, you want to get a share probably very difficult, so in this case, we must develop their own ideas, the title of the most simple, the most attractive way, you know. 3) type society to seek truth from facts, integrity, network integrity, so in this case, the title is written very simple, such as today’s mask doll Xiangxiang event, so what are those keywords mask mask doll dolls, Xiangxiang like are taken, we will also write, and fancy when things are shabby, since they can’t do it, then write directly on my personal information like doll mask is not simple? Users see you know what you want, don’t hesitate to point. Our purpose is completed!

content again. Content is the soul, content determines the promotion methods of life and death! With a good title is not content, hoodwinked by the users with the means to promote, in this way the time is good, with second times the effect of the discount of 50%, three is an idiot. Users are immune, but also push what, a waste of time, waste of fine

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