After a month of today’s headlines and down this technology, menstrual Dang is frequent

last weekend, headlines users looked again to "UFO", in Post Bar, from all the users have said whether it is a mobile phone or computer can not open, Post Bar re emergence of the "top eight party is difficult, like" the situation. And the distance from the last time down (November 21st) just over a month, people can not help but think: This is not a technology company Dang aunt



first appeared the time point is about 9 points, since the media has posted back 502, appear part of the article no personal tips have been deleted, and then the provinces user said in Post Bar, hung up the headlines. It seems, as "the first year" Dang ", this spread wide range.


at half past eleven, Sina reported: "today’s headlines appeared for a long time to" end 404 "in addition to encounter downtime to refresh the page is not displayed, the headline editing background cannot enter. Sina science and technology in connection with today’s headlines, the other said the technology is under investigation, the specific cause is not yet known.


as of press time (12:00), today’s headlines have been part of the repair, but questions and answers, video recommendation and other channels still can not find on this planet".

other media reports, today’s headlines the downtime is because all news content needs to be deleted, or because there is no "caused by Internet news information service license".

today’s headlines posted news information through the Internet, to provide political electronic bulletin services to the public and sending political communication information, is engaged in Internet news information services, Internet news information service license shall have issued "regulation.

however, compared with other news client, today’s headlines distribute a large number of news, but did not like the Sohu, like Sina, hang out at the site that published the Internet news information service license "legitimate".

if there is no license, are illegal coverage, according to the regulations, should be punished. At present, today’s headlines have yet to publish any reply.

review of downtime history headlines in 2016, at least three times the mass of the March 11th crash, the failure time for nearly 1 hours, in June 15th November 21st, down about 15 minutes…… Coupled with a background in December version of the problem, and even from the media, said: I did not expect so many users today’s headlines, nothing has come to the big aunt.


interesting is that today’s headlines and CCTV cooperation in China’s economic life survey of the live, I do not know whether it is because access to the investigation so Guide >

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