Chengdu to determine the next 5 years plan policy management

business related public services related to the success rate of entrepreneurship, is the focus of the work of the government to carry out management activities. On the existing basis, Chengdu will further reform of commercial systems, dedicated to the management of activities under the Small and micro businesses through business services, "the last kilometer".

party plenum passed the "CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee on formulating the thirteenth five year plan for national economic and social development of the proposal" and "the CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee on promoting the overall innovation system reform to speed up the construction of international influence of the regional innovation center", Chengdu economic and social development in the coming 5 years put forward new ideas and develop new initiatives. Next, the district (city) county and municipal departments will have what new action, boost economic and social development in Chengdu on the steps?

"in May 28th this year, Chengdu in the Midwest issued the first electronic business license; in September 1st, the implementation of the" three in one "and" one as a code "system than the national requirements 1 months earlier." Mention these two breakthroughs this year to deepen the reform of commercial system, Industrial and Commercial Bureau director Guo Xiaoming introduction, in 2014 the national commercial system reform since the start, Chengdu adhere to the "provisions of action" and the "zixuandongzuo" combination, effectively stimulate the vitality of market players.

in addition, Chengdu will be in the service management of Small and micro businesses issued a number of convenience initiatives. Guo Xiaoming introduction, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau is planning in the business center, set up the business incubator and the public record Inn vector space, providing policy advice, business transformation consulting, business process recommendation

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