Grandma is how to use WeChat to open up the market

grandmother is more fashion, will accept new things, walking in front of the restaurant industry, we want to borrow to pay WeChat introduced mobile payment experience restaurant ", grandma’s information minister Wang Wei said, grandma is vigorously promoting the WeChat ordering and payment scenarios:" when the user queuing bit, WeChat can automatically push information ordering, then automatic payment, orders, customers ranked No. when you can take the entrance card, go enjoy delicacy, do not need to go after the meal."

online ordering and open up the POS   to create a new experience of

online payment;

Differentiated services in

CRM system

Payment platform

"many third parties, and not POS combine to form a good closed loop", Wang Wei said, the traditional business of O2O landing with the WeChat platform, not only can enhance the user experience, but also bring the user information management system for businesses. Grandmother hopes to pay through WeChat, the Chinese made fast food, so that the user’s mobile dining more convenient and convenient".

by operating the heart interpretation of grandma public numbers, we can see vaguely grandmother pushed activity to the next. Does this mean that grandma can achieve such a scene, perhaps in the near future: by WeChat after the order, get a grade, fast to me, send a message to remind the WeChat automatic push, if this day is my birthday, grandma there may be additional care?

according to the introduction, at present.

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